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The plot of “So, What Is Your Question” boils down to a dialogue between the two poets: Sara Maino and Marina Kazakova. The main conflict is the clash of the visible and the invisible, the inner and the outer, the internal and the external worlds.

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First, we see the poet’s outer – the observer, who’s dreams, thoughts and imagination are verbal and out loud. Then, we see the inner, claiming its place and revealing itself through the smell, the emotion of fingers over a typewriter, through the poet’s eyes and, most importantly, through her magic interaction with the spectators. In the end, we try to feel the balance between the two: the visible (Marina Kazakova) and the invisible (Sara Maino), the poet and the spectator, us and the universe.

In this live poetry act, the artists display their instant thoughts on their creative relationship and why it and how it has unfolded the way it has, they come to see that there is a point within ourselves when we turn inward or outward in response to what we experience. The question is: when should we look inward for the power and when should we look outward – or maybe it is the synthesis of the two… In the closing part ‘I let my hands rain upon your trembling silencio’ the poets appear face-to-face, focusing our attention on the problem of the balance within ourselves, between each other, between us and the universe…

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