Artistic CV



LUCA School of Arts, Advanced Master in Arts in Transmedia (2011-2013)
LUCA School of Arts/KULeuven, PhD Researcher in Arts, Research Unit ‘Image’ (2018 – ongoing)


Gerard Manley Hopkins International Literary Festival 2020, Ireland
The 3rd International Literary Festival Words of Fire 2020, Portugal
Red Square Festival 2020, Berlin
European Poetry Festival 2020, London
Nothing To Sell 2019, Macro Asilo, Rome
Antwerpen Queer Arts Festival 2019
XpoNorth 2018, Scotland
Maintenant’s Dada London Invasion 2018
Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Festival 2018, USA
Brussels Poetry Festival 2018
Brussels Poetry Festival 2017
The International Film Festival Behalf Savva Morozov, Best Narrative Short Award 2015

Publications (see the publications)


“Thanks to Pomegranates” in ‘Great Weather For Media’ Anthology (New York)
“Rome”poem series is published by Modern Literature (India)


“My Silver Star” is published in ‘Writing in a Woman’s Voice’ (US)
The Poem “Not Birds but Airplanes” published in ‘Maintenant 13’ (US)
Poems from “THE ROPEWALKER” series are published in ‘The Bees are dead” (US)
Poems from “The Ropewalker” series in Duck Lake Journal (US)


“Hot Snow I Am” is published in Crannóg (Ireland)
“Dopo mezzanotte!” is published in “Writing In A Woman’s Voice” (US)
“In the new-moon sky” published in ‘Writing in a Woman’s Voice’ (US)
“Like Ballerinas Flying in Grand Jeté” published in ‘Maintenant 12’ (US)


Тише…Piano (RUS)
“Кофе со Снегом” и “Белее Белого” в журнале “Край Городов” (RUS)