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Film Poems

Filmpoem “I think About Your Hands”

Name and duration of Film: “I Think About Your Hands” (3:03 min)
Month & Year completed: May 2020
Name of Director: Marina Kazakova
Country of origin: Belgium
Name of Poet: Marina Kazakova

Synopsis: The poem is inspired by and devoted to the great artist, Leonardo da Vinci, and his gorgeous country. The hands drawn by Leonardo in his portrait paintings as well as his famous study of arms and hands probably represent the most exquisite visualisation of hands in the history of art. Hands as a portrait of our inner rhythms and truths hidden behind the words…Hands conveying the thoughts of the one, and, by extension, the emotional pattern.

The YouTube Link to the video

Publication on Poetry Film Live (UK)

The text of the poem:


I think about your hands.

Besides your hands,

there is not much else

I like to be preoccupied with.

I have been reinventing them,


have become your hands,


have become my gestures.

I always wait for them to move somewhere,

nowhere in particular,

just somewhere,

to unsettle my focused imagination.

I try to like them modestly,

but yet each time

I can’t resist to slowly

lie down,

to turn into the piano

under your fingers,

to play the symphonies

heard hardly by anyone

except my pillow and me.

What I think about your hands

is inexpressible –

I think your hands

are letters of love,

are music notes,

are the white swans

of Pyotr Tchaikovsky:

they choreograph over my lake

a never-ending story,

a whirling tsunami of Mars,

a heart-stopping waltz,

particularly, when the strings

enter pianissimo…

Later developing into

staccato-allegro-forte –

your swans are flying over my shoulders

when I carefully trap them

in a kiss.