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The poems I write are shared here not because I merely want to tell them to the world, but because I’m convinced the word becomes the word when it is in action – in a dialogue, when it is an answer or when it receives an answer. That’s why I try to publish what’s lying on my desk and to perform what’s flying inside.

As Franz Rozenzweig wonderfully put it, “Word must be answer, in order to be word” (Wort muss Antwort sein, um Wort sein zu können).

The poems we write are the fruit of our dialogical reality. A poem can be a question to an artist friend, an answer to the times lost or a response to the painting observed.

It is natural for someone who writes poetry to deal with a form of dialogue. As Brodsky put it, “every monologue is a form of a dialogue because of the voices in it. What is “to be or not to be” but a dialogue. It’s a question and answer”.

Furthermore, and what is ‘to be and not to be’? That’s what Sara Maino has beautifully asked me once…

A poem is a resonance.