Spostamento Minimo (Digital CD – MP3)


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Spostamento Minimo


Audio CD
By: Sara Maino and Pinuccia Gelosa
Reciter and poems: Sara Maino
Piano and music: Pinuccia Gelosa
Director: Rosamaria Maino
Duration: 40 min
File format: MP3

A seven-year work of research and creation has given life to this melologue “Spostamento minimo. Il minimo spostamento d’aria può mettere a nudo l’anima”, produced with the support of the Department of Culture of the Autonomous Province of Trento in 2006.

In the performance “Spostamento minimal” poems and music, completely original, meet and inspire each other. In a game of references and suggestions between voice and piano, the story of a friendship and an artistic partnership.