Three-Book Bundle (Ebook – PDF)




Three-book bundle of I think about your hands, Symphonism, and Letters To A Silver Star 


Included in this bundle is:

  1. I Think About Your Hands
    This chapbook is inspired by hands and, in particular, by hands on the works of Leonardo Da Vinci. The hands are the theme that Leonardo deals with on the level of sensory impulses, thus opening a space not only for analyses but also for a poetic insight. When we think of da Vinci’s paintings we always think of the compelling presence of hands. Think of the calm of Mona Lisa’s hands, The Last Supper, Lady With An Ermine…
    Hands do communicate the inner rhythms and truths we can’t quite put into words or we hide behind the words, and in the context of ‘trying to understand someone’ they more straightforwardly confirm the identity of the speaker, and, by extension, his/her emotional pattern.
  2. Symphonism
    This conversation between Marina Kazakova and Bart Dewolf gives invaluable insights into the creative thinking of the two artists and a thorough reflection upon their recent research on how to express lyric poetry in drawing.
    The focus of their experiment spans from the investigation of the phenomena of symphonism in various arts to the attempt to use symphonism as a translation strategy, with the ultimate aim of deriving more general vision of the relevance of symphonism in our present-day post-symphonic age.
    Read the review done by Elizabeth Boyle.
  3. Letters To A Silver Star
    The book includes a full script of the poetry performance ‘Letters to a Silver Star’ by Marina Kazakova & Sara Maino. It features a series of poems performed by the authors in a sequential order as a dialogue with music, live drawing and gesture. The work is part of the ongoing PhD Research of Marina Kazakova at LUCA School of Arts/KU Leuven ‘Lyric Poem. A research on how the unique characteristics of lyric poetry can be expressed in an audio-visual medium’.