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For the 21st of June,
the birthday of F.Sagan and S.Maino



For the faint-hearted –
High above mean sea level!
Praying for a storm to stop,
the fog bell tolls
at nights of zero
in times of haze…
Today the night is short,
the summer solstice
is shining forth
over June 21st,
the lantern inside the lighthouse tower
is yellow,
only for an hour or two.
The lamp is blistering a seven billion candlepower,
seen miles out to the sea,
to help men, birds and ship
to find their away along the continents,
along sea-bitten sands,
along the wars, the middle ages
of our post-symphonic Earth.
Yes, for the faint-hearted –
To climb the tower’s
two thousand and twenty steps,
a spiral staircase,
only to light the hearts at dusk,
and turn them off
at sunrise
when the waters get navigable
by eye and reason.

Collage by Brussels-based artist Lipczynski Frederic