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Enter the world of clubbing and take a journey to the nightclub venues recommended by ‘D-Queens’, one of the best Moscow-based nightclub dance shows. Surrounded by elegant, erotic, at times hilarious and at times violent contemporary dance choreography, we will follow ‘D-Queens’ over the course of an unforgettable night out: Moscow – Croatia – Shanghai – Minsk.

‘D-Queens’ have compiled a list of some superb venues, which they can personally recommend as performers (they haven’t yet experienced these venues as clients). So if you’re looking for unforgettable clubbing, have a nosey at these:

Icon (Moscow, Russia)

iconThis club is a feast for the eyes. There is so much going on with their choreographed dance shows, super special guest DJs and weekly themed stage performances! It reminds us of sci-fi movies where crazy things are happening and all we can do is look around! The ambiance of the club is really spectacular. The capacity of the venue is 2000 people. The spectacular interior of ‘Icon’ is a bold statement of contemporary design: stalactite-like ceiling and walls, big round bars, amazing lighting systems and sound equipment – interior layout combines the vibrancy of an amphitheater with intimate corners, VIP booths, brought to life by custom made furnishings. What astonishes is dominant light color of the walls, ceilings, podiums that is not so typical for nightclub venues.

Space (Moscow, Russia)

space moscowAmazing clubbing from the beginning to the end. The line-up represents world-famous DJs. The go-go’s are really hot, and the majority of them are really the best-of-the best in the city. What sets space apart from any other club is their strict policy to allow DJs to act as musicians and perform how they see fit! The line-up is always impressing: big DJ names and quality electronic music. Servers, hosts, and promoters: very friendly. Goes out of their way to make sure you have a good time.

Kalypso Island Pag (Island of Pag, Croatia)

croatiaThe club lies actually on the sand in front of the sea, giving it a real Ibiza feel. With the sounds of house music filling the dance floors, it’s a place for true clubbers, and is particularly well known for its world-famous festivals, including The Hideout, Sonus, Barrakud and Fresh Island Festival. What’s more, the club consists of an artistically sculptured stage, party pools, a huge open-air dance floor, Go-Go platforms, lots of bars, performances from the best dance shows and artists from around the world – everything to get an unforgettable international clubbing experience by the Adriatic Sea.

Muse (Shanghai, China)

china dqueensFounded in 1994 in the USA, by one of Hong Kong’s best-loved movie actresses, Ms. Carina Lau, this award-winning club is famed as a hot spot for regular revelry and as staging the very best in customized parties and events. A stylish 3,000 square meter temple of entertainment, Muse is set to take Shanghai as one of the hottest wining, dining and clubbing destinations in town. It’s beautiful: it has gorgeous architecture with amazing light, screens and sound. It has lots of bling everywhere! The 500 square meter rooftop terrace is the perfect place to unwind in the night. The 80 square meter pool may very well be just a disguise for anything: from a fashion show catwalk to an exotic car showcase. Muse houses 3 venues in a total area of 1500 square meters over 2 levels, offering 3 DJs, live entertainment 7 days a week. Bottle service is top notch and the bar staff is exceptionally professional. Highly recommended!

 Blondes&Brunettes (Minsk, Belarus)

minsk dqueensThe club is widely considered in Minsk as a very select and exclusive night venue. The crowd: well dressed, preppy, elegant, or one could use the word posh. Great vibes, dance jams, and everyone just really enjoying themselves. The music was bumping, the dancers were super hot and the bartenders were super cool dancing along with the music even tossing napkins in the air and blowing fire! Everyone who works there seem to really love their jobs and it shows. We have always been treated with respect and kindness.