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I pray because the distance is too much,
I know, yes, да, no distance is too far,
But still I pray because I learn,
Because I’m deeply heard,
Before the sunrise or when the sun sets.
As Lewis claimed, “It changes me,
It doesn’t change God”,
I pray because it is the road
On which I see.
I pray without words, because I can,
Because I am
Across all dark and storms,
I pray to God who calms the squad,
I pray because my hand you hold,
Until we meet again,
I pray because I don’t give up on miracles
In every bow I kneel
As I discover love
And tour the wide expanse of stillness:
I hear now the voice, yes, да:
“No time is too far, no distance is too long,
La notte contiene tutte le distanze”.
Painting ’Supplica” by Sara Maino, 2021