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I wanted it to be spring

By March 21, 2019June 16th, 2020No Comments


I wanted it to be spring,
I wanted to rub you and lie by you till you just sailed
to sleep,
I wanted to see you when nothing happens around,
I knew that I would miss it pretty frightfully after,
and that I would be thinking of you every waking moment,
saying your name to myself when others are talking.
The way you put your fingers on my lips – when I am getting noisy –
I wanted it, I want it.
I want the moment when you are entering the room-
I want to run, to envelope, to conquer, to kiss, kiss, kiss
this spring, this world, this you –
From my pillow I saw the lake or maybe the sea in the distance,
the sunburned world –
fields and slopes and a pile of your clothes –
all was blurred into soft silhouettes by sunrays,
how graceful you look in everything you wear,
how graceful when you are naked.
I look at all the people and wonder
how they can breathe on without having you,
with you away I’m getting too philosophical,too mouthful of words,
too sober.
The spring came in and there was nothing more to see
except you sleeping in sun-rays.
Suddenly, from being lost in winter lull,
we are so high that we can see washing
hanging along the courtyards.
I wanted it to be spring!