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I will read out loud to you

By November 2, 2019June 16th, 2020No Comments


I will read out loud

to you,

the sound of the Slavic vowels

would drive you closer,

you’d let my book slip

from my fingers

and fall down

onto the marble,

the candlelight

would tremble for a second,


would sharpen

the evening’s calm,

when no one

would expect us

getting farther and farther away

into our alphabet chaos,

like the two rivers

before thrusting out

into the open ocean.

A strange peace

would fall over the room,

from deep within the bed,

we’d see the sundawn,

you’d say: “Time to observe the tide!”.

I’d answer “Let’s lie…”.

The blanket would

swallow the verbs –

the morning when golden dawn

is less important

than the golden warmth

of lips


kiss after kiss,

over each others’ skin

a new poem.

Then, they’ll see the ocean. Maybe.