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With my eyes half-closed
And my head to one side
(Cause I sleep on my stomach),
I slide my arms around your neck
And surrender
To your un-kisses.
I play solitaire.
My fingers
Are quick
With letters,
I’m writing something what I can’t have.
The diamond of the moon drags across the lawn.
My cold feet shake in agitation,
Making the bed vibrate,
My passion
enlarges in the dark.
Hearing your steps fill the hallway,
I recollect the marble and the square courtyard.
I resume my game of solitaire
As though I’d never
Surrendered to anyone.
You text me from a messenger.
I answer –
As casually
as I’m able.
You follow my voice into your living room.
“Why are you writing in the dark?”
In hesitation,
I switch on
The light.
I see your silhouette –
Just off a motor-ride,
Glowing with vigour of an evening flight.
Your eyes are full of sunset tones,
Happy one more time
With the knowledge of your beauty,
I ask “How was your drive?”
“Good, thank you”.
A silence follows.
With my eyes half-closed,
I slide my arms
Around your
In one continuous un-kiss.