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“In the new-moon sky” published in ‘Writing in a Woman’s Voice’ (US)

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November 2018

The poem “In the new-moon sky” is published in “Writing In A Woman’s Voice”, edited by Beate Sigriddaughter, showcasing women’s writing.

Beate Sigriddaughter has been the poet laureate of Silver City, New Mexico, since 2017. She publishes a blog called Writing In A Woman’s Voice, where she features other women’s poetry. For her own poems, she has been nominated multiple times for a Pushcart Prize.


In the new-moon sky

Mars outshines all stars

except the one –

the Goddess,

the second from the Sun,

born from the sea foam,

the brightest.

In fifteen eighty-one

(before Christ)

the Babylonians called it

‘Queen of the sky,’

much later

the Romans worshiped Venus

as Goddess of Good Fortune.

The ropewalker is lying

on the August grass,

taking a star bath,

under the meteor shower.

They say one day on Venus

is longer than 12 months,

the ropewalker is trying

to envisage it:

to live a day and night

that last eternity –

an annum.

What an adagio!

The falling space-flowers

form the garden of roses

where the ropewalker,

in levitation,

is being transformed

into the sea foam,

into the Babylon,

into the Romans,

into the silent,