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“Love itself is childhood”,
As Tsvetaeva wrote.
Between you and me
There is no comma,
No cup of tea, no ‘sogno’,
Only a beat of heaven.
To tell the truth,
I am very fond of your body
As the embodiment
Of mythological narratives –
Its linguistic aspects
And, of course, its appearance.
You walking through the heat of the day
In a long skirt,
And its farther promises,
And there’s nothing I can do
But to dream of touching its bottom.
After all, form is the source
For poetry.
The Amazon,
Whether attacking Athens
Or fighting on behalf of Troy,
Represents power and strength
To face, surrender, release…
The encounter with your statue
Is love at first sight-
Lubov’ s pervogo vzgliada!
Same as I valued the voice
Of the Black sea
When I was three –
“Love itself
Is childhood”.

Drawing ‘Three drawings of the stars’ by Sara Maino 2021