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Marching from sea to sea
One with the body of a Roman,
With the mind of a Greek,
With the soul of the Orient,
Through always the same labyrinth
of intrigues, poisonings,
conspiracies, uniform ingratitudes,
Recalling now (why now?)
The collapse of the West,
The fall of the empire
One Tuesday
To the ottoman Sultan Mehmet,
When the Greek language took over Latin,
When the world of the rational surrendered
to the world of emotions.
Marching from sea to sea southward,
Lake Garda – Calabria – Lampedusa,
Dousing in the plague of inertia,
Poetry gets dangerously unpopular,
Eyeing now (why now?)
That her star rose higher
Than a rose
Blooming in the garden of violet,
Violins, Violent, Lilac, Purple

Mare, mare…

*Painting “Marganzofka” by Sara Maino, 2023
Mixed technique on wood, 120x64cm