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My daily trek with gentle rises and falls
In tiger-coloured peaks of sand,
Along a dune belt.
I stop to catch my breath
And sunset.
The rose pinks and yellows
Spread the flower garden smell
Over the clouds
Of Koksijde.
For a brief second,
The tallest barchan in my view
Turns into you, my love:
Your graceful curve faces the wind,
Your silhouette is still,
Feeling the light
Creep slowly (adagio)
Down the dunes
To embrace the waves below.
You are the most captivating dune
I’ve laid upon,
A simple shift in wind direction,
In kiss perspective
Transforms your mountains
Into the snow slopes.
I witness you, my singing sands,
Lake Baykal dances
Instead of Mer du Nord,
A mirage,
Shimmering with the iridescent
Lips of yours,
Delicious to observe.
The most voluminous of all the lakes,
Your eyes!
I stop.
My daily trek
In tiger-coloured peaks of sand,
Along a dune belt
Sees a gateway –
My hottest desert,
Invisible, invincible
To others
On the North Sea.