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Thank you all who came on the 9th of May to Hondenweide (Tongeren) to make ‘244-Help een Hond’ exhibition ‘Limburgers met Hun Dieren’ aLimburgers met hun dierensuccess. We hope to share more experiences with you to ensure that our efforts to raise awareness about homeless animals continue to improve.

A huge, heartfelt ‘thank you’ to Sabine Van Der Meer and her organization Buddy Kat’ and Ellebelle Bee with Dondersteen – grafisch ontwerp) for their continuous support and promotion of our initiatives! We are grateful to you!!

Special thanks to Mr.Patrick Jans, the management of De Kevie, cultuurdienst Tongeren and stad Tongeren!

Thank you for caring. When we all participate, we do make difference!…/3794-expo-in-de-hondenweide