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The proof prints of our upcoming chapbook “LETTERS TO A SILVER STAR’ have arrived. This chapbook will be printed as a limited edition just before Christmas – to cheer up our book-loving friends.
The book includes a full script of our #poetry performance ‘Letters to a Silver Star’ which features a series of poems performed by the authors in a sequential order as a dialogue with music, live drawing and gesture. The work is part of my ongoing PhD Research at LUCA School of Arts/KU Leuven ‘Lyric Poem. A research on how the unique characteristics of lyric poetry can be expressed in an audio-visual medium’.
Nota bene! Many of us enjoy the feeling of a book between our hands. But it’s becoming increasingly difficult to justify this simple luxury when faced with #deforestation, #pollution from the pulp industry and chemical-based inks. Fortunately, some in the publishing industry have not been content to sit and watch the environmental crises. Among a small but growing group of forward-thinking publishers is Fractalia Press, which publishes books of post-consumer recycled paper with the lowest footprint possible.
As a single tree produces about 25 books, though estimates vary, this would not only save billions of trees and millions of tonnes of CO2, but would enable the restoration of forests teeming with wildlife.
🎼Viva my foresta rossa!