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On May, 3 2020 the poem “Are we, or are we not alone?” was published in Modern Literature.
“Modern Literature ” is an international magazine focusing on the latest trends in modern literature from across the world.

Are we, or are we not?
Are we, or are we not
How can you hide from what is always in you?
How can the rain walk up the window?
How can be no reflection
in the mirror,
when you are facing it?
Does a kiss have the beginning?
Is language a picture?
Are hands of yours my answers?
Is silence a splendid
or the black void?
Imagine! You are imagined!
Just try to touch my voice? Are you able
to do it?
Am I alone? Or are we two?
Who are you?
“I am you” – you answer.
Through the window
I can see the sunlight
and two figures,
as in Marc Chagall’s “The Flying Lovers”.
With your piano fingers
you erase
the landscape,
leaving the two of us
under the white umbrella
of the sky.
Are we, or are we not alone? –
that is my question.
We are, and we are not –
that is
your open-ended answer.