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Something rather private,
For reasons that are mysterious,
Nothing but small waves
In the sea of speeches.
Nature as witness of freedom,
And nature as verification of failure,
Will stars remain there
When I stops looking at them?
There’s a basilicum
On my kitchen counter,
A discarded script
Of the general meeting,
Vitamins standing on bookshelves
Post-its scrawled with expressions:
“plumbers”, “campaigns” and “dogsitters”.
Also, there’s a jellyfish
Painting in my living room,
And the seagull’s traces
Splayed in the window.
Most evocative, however,
Is the empty refrigerator
And a bathtub
Full of untouched water –
The sign of a busy life
Or one who needs to be really living.

Drawing “Respiro di stanotte”, 29×21, carboncino di sambuco, pastello inglese, Sara Maino 2021