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On the 3rd of March, LUCA School of Arts (Ghent/Brussels) organised a PhD seminar ‘Intercultural Artistic Research’, where I got a chance to reflect on my experiments with symphonism and the aspects of translation between Russia and the West.

In this video recording, you might learn more about:

-How and why I turned to self-translation and tandem inter-semiotic translations?
-Why Russian poetry has not been lucky with its translations into English?
-How do I deal with transposing a certain way of artistic thinking from one medium to another?
-How does my cultural background influence the way I think and put it in words and images?
-What is symphonism and why I use it as a translation strategy?
-What were some of the intercultural and interlingual difficulties Bart Dewolf and I faced in the translation process of the lyric poem ‘On How the Palace Bridge Opens Up Its Arms’?