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This time, it was an inventive “letter” to reparative aspects of our research. An exploration into the embryology of the artistic process, pain, memory, and time.

A still life that Lore Smolders “painted” on the table yesterday looked like a determined attempt to hold on to the healing tools, to quell the inner turbulence by concentrating on the solid facts and objects of life. Around a sturdy wooden ‘table with a hole’ she has “laid out” a symbolic array of the remedial pillars of her existence.

Later on, Roel Kerkhofs presented his creation, this very ‘table with a hole’, and elucidated why he made this table. As I’ve understood he found it steadying. What a capacity for getting carried away…
In turn, I did my stance on “it is in silence that poetry, like prayer, arises”, almost like a patient etherising upon a table.

Thanks to the Research Unit “Image” (LUCA School of Arts) and Tom Van Imschoot, for this very special PhD-seminar on #reparativeresearch.

Paparazzi: Jan Peeters, thank you!

From left to rights: Marina Kazakova, Volkmar Mühleis, Tom Van Imschoot

*The research unit ‘Image’ brings together researchers in the arts around three research nodes: (1)the coming into being of the image, (2) the interaction between image, word and discourse, and (3) the relationship between image and society.