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‘The Chronicles of San Francisco’-
An animated fresco
By JR,
The French artist,
Portrays 1200 people’s nightmares
And dreams,
Happening now
in the Golden Gate City.
The fresco
Inspired by Diego’s Riviera’s
Huge mural
Named ‘Pan American Unity’ –
Where Homelessness goes vs the joys of Silicon Valley,
birds vs drones.
My chronicle of San Francisco
To Pollock, Matisse and Simons Elly –
the painter.
She is a lyric poetry in watercolours.
Her women float in H2O like salmon,
Her fish, however,
dance in boudoirs,
Suspended in mid-air,
like in Tarkovsky’s ‘Mirror’.
Love manifests the understanding
between two, three, four, hundreds
Love manifests the resonance
Between the words,
The gestures,
The symphony of wine glasses.
I’m sad and happy
To leave my San Francisco
And warm December
For unexplored New York.
Announced is my flight delay:
Severe weather conditions,
Severe feelings.
Awaiting for the snow,
Fleur Pierets in it,
Love around the world
boardwalks on
Coney Island.


(Painting by Elly Simmons)

*Painting by San Francisco artist Elly Simmons