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In slow motion: the horse –
upside down,
with its legs up to the sky,
in an eye-blink: the horse –
in fast-forward mode
rising to fly.
Children putting together
a large sand sculpture,
reminiscent of Rodin’s
“The Hand of God”.
Repetitive waves of seawater.
Loping dogs.
All takes place on the coast,
whose broad shoulders
embrace the church
‘Eglise Notre Dame des Dunes’,
white artists’ villas
and wet fields of corn
that dry with the sun
when God’s grace returns
at the end of the day.
Words, even hands and eyes,
are too slow to express
the Edenic emotions
of the fish observing us or ‘nothing’
in slow-motion
from under the sea surface –
they never lose their way…
The moment when something more has occurred
than simply a chance meeting
between two strangers
seeing the horse flying
over the beach.