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The skin&bones models in little black dresses (Nothing To Sell)

By April 13, 2019June 16th, 2020No Comments

For years she had swallowed it up

in daily doses –

the skin&bones models in little black dresses –

she followed the rules,

and even accepted to be a good loser,

standing on scales,

fighting her standard 70 kilos.

It took her another 20 years

and dozens of relationships

to not realise anything –

she is still trapped in an unforgiving

net of laws, traditions, PR tricks,

from which it is difficult and even dangerous

to extricate oneself.

“If I had to break with tradition,

I would have needed heroic courage

and I am not a hero”,

Virginia Wolf once has written.

In an odyssey of roles and experimentations

she now began to armour her personality,

emerging as a fitness connoisseur and a diet guru

in her conquest of the modern celebration of a woman

of the Western culture.

None of this identities define her, however!

What defines her is starvation!

In the mornings the starved lady

hurries to work through her iron and glass male-city,

in which common sense is in ruins,

words have lost their meanings

and have been used to create the stories

trusted by most of the citizens like her,

a metropolis

where the body of the city

and the body of a human being

have become a hybrid,

a commercial cathedral,

an erotic icon,

a trembling skyscraper,

the statue of Liberty,

the Trump Tower,

a skin&bones building

in a little black dress

swallowing up moving words and pictures

advertising the changes

never to be achieved.