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The soft amber glow of that film moment

When your sleep dissipates

Into the smoldering whispers of sun dawn.

The feeling of a time and place

Where the light never ends and dreams linger

Like stardust in the hallways

of an ancient Rome city.

Through your closed eyelids,

Birch trees appear and then,

As my eye pans,

Your trembling eyelashes carry me

To a hillside of Vinci

Covered with ancient buildings,

A weathered statue of David

appears and disappears.

I hear in the far-off distance

snippets of Stravinsky

and Russian Silver Age poems,

and the desolate weeps of North wind and birds.

Your sleeping lungs’ sound seeps

Through my fingers.

On this lost night,

We are the tulips

searching for the Sun we have lost.

Only this dream knows us,

and we are its captives.

The whole scene seems like one long take,

eventhough it’s quite segmented.

This is surely one of the most beautiful films

ever made.