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One step away from lips,
The wax – a liquid kiss –
Gets spilled right on the floor
Under four feet
In all its gentleness.
A glimmer in the dark
Without clean lines,
A subtle something,
Bodiless –
A candle flame-
Passes after hours of kisses
Into nothingness.
Your liquid love
Is slowly revealed
By pale white candles.
Your kisses are shadowed
On the wooden walls,
No candle burns forever.
When the tide is on the ebb,
We look for seashells.
The light from candles ebbs and flows,
Your silhouette…
It smokes when in my hands.
Da Vinci would definitely understand
The imperfection of the spilled wax,
The optics and acoustics of this love…
Portraying…the outward movement
Of four lips
Towards one candle kiss.