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We were alone

By March 25, 2019June 16th, 2020No Comments

We were alone
in all that blackness of the night,
dry lips triumphantly
were trying
to zigzag
that they call ‘love’,
it felt like we were on a boat ride
down the Ganges –
the quieting sensation that all
could last,
that we were everywhere,
beyond the cosmos.
You had the muscles of a butterfly,
I was a pedant – feeling you unhurriedly,
the most rare thing I’ve ever touched –
the grace and power
of something troubling and undisclosed.
I saw green vineyards,
a deep blue sea,
unguarded gardens of daisies…
I was a tribe of cannibals,
getting my teeth
into your satin
I could pronounce nothing,
you were proofreading
my loud vowels.
Yes, I dared to read Paul Éluard’s
“Je t’aime’,
I was it,
I am it.