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Well, it all began with fragments
of a dressing gown you wore,
I never saw you in a bathing robe,
But in a bathing robe you were,
Shining on the rooftop
At me –
I thought you even in my sleep!
The traffic noise below
Was almost like a birds song,
The fragments of the subtle rose
Glowed, glowed, glowed, glowed…
I traced the patterns on your shoulders:
From sacred Nizhny’s streets
Through dunes of Mer du Nord
To knots, knots, knots, knots…
I kissed you with the speed of sea.
The fragrance of the sun-rays
Inside my asthma lungs.
The contours of the Bible.
Did I just see your voice
Or one of CS Lewis?
I don’t know anymore.
You still remain a science,
Vague and limitless.
Or are you just a dream
Precise and finite?