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When Love is revealed
Not only in the unity of our two hearts,
But also in their diversity,
In their mutual disclosure,
I seek to preserve the otherness of my beloved one.
Illuminated by this pristine duality,
I myself am transformed.
And the deeper I immerse myself in you, my love,
The more and better I know my own ‘I’
And strive to become my true self.
And all the originality of my adored is immensely dear to me.
It does not exist anywhere, in anyone but my darling.
In Love, two souls open themselves in a novel, dazzling beauty;
New stars and fogs awaken in each of them;
The rivers of one continue and end in the other,
Everything blooms with undying flowering,
Expands and becomes richer, more soundfull;
The meaning of everyday words changes for them;
Adjectives take on a new, surprising meanings.
And from this dual personality revealing itself in the world
Love is radiated to all.
And only on summer nights like this,
When nocturnal chorus of cicadas is accompanied by sea waves,
And the golden ring of the moon burns,
Doubts become ridiculous.
Is this fullness of revealed Love an unprecedentedly rare gift?
Blessed are those separations and barriers
That unexpectedly come upon those in love!
They scatter everything small and mundane,
They reveal that Love believes in a miracle;
And it is not Love’s fault that we do not believe in her boundless power.
What do I strive for in it and what do I cook in it for myself and my beloved?
The only thing I know is that this Love in both of us stretches over the mountains.