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The alarm of seagulls
Wakes me up every morning.
They screech and they squawk,
While I am swimming and turning
Under the blanket,
Trying to note down what they want…
The image of the Cathedral of Chartres,
Jewelled with scallop shells –
Coquilles Saint-Jacques –
Of the same shape as the Proust’s cakes-
The madeleines –
Is sailing across my mind.
Clouds casting shadows on sea waters
And playing with waves’ colours:
Sapphire blue, tortoise, Siberian snowwhite…
Le parfum de la lavande,
Ca me rappelle mes vacances
Of times long gone
At the shores of sultans,
When the seagulls in anticlockwise flight
Were whirling around the mosques.
Anticlockwise as the Moon rolls around the Earth.
Anticlockwise as the Earth turns around the Sun and its axis.
Anticlockwise as all the planets of the solar system waltz.