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Whenever I have no way to go,
You are my road.
I watch you without batting an eyelid.
Sometimes a living being can teach you more
Than mountains.
The sheer pleasure of having your hand,
The sweet symphony of your breath,
The chirping of birds
Inside your chest,
The steep dives of valleys
Over your back,
The euphoria of clouds
Inside your eyes,
The dew of a nipple
Like freshness of air –
It purifies
Even the impure.
I love you because…
I love you whenever
I have something to do,
Whenever I have no way to go.
I love flying with you
In turbulent planes
(I never flew with you forsooth),
And land on insecure airport runways.
We book cheap hotels
With access to dogs,
Just to come right back
Into each other’s hands.
I feel more alive floating on your skin
Than I do in any other place
On earth.
Maybe that speaks
To the human desire to fly.
Or maybe because I’m used
To go out collecting the flowers?
Painting “Waves of luck”, Sara Maino, 8-7-21