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You are as exciting as the painting

By March 23, 2019June 16th, 2020No Comments

You are as exciting as the painting –
rich in hues,
something painful
and beautiful,
and what is not understood is happily not understood…
Your eyes
the most burning I have ever seen,
I wonder when you are looking at the painting
that anything should be left upon the canvas;
never failed me,
but now I can only say
you are a thunder in the middle of my sea.
I am
with my utter dedication
trying to understand
how can anything so beautiful lie with me?
I am living in a continuous present
when in your eyes,
you look twice as much as you look,
and i will never be used
to this density.
We sit in the middle of the lobby
as we are,
having coffees,
looking at each others lips
with no one to see what we crave for,
what we feel –
an exciting painting hanging in our unexisting bedroom.