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You fastened my seatbelt,
You said: “Sit, still. Remember me!” –
same as Van Gogh’s ear
sent to Gabi
accompanied by “You will recall me “.
You are the best hunter I’ve ever seen.
Only a hungry someone
makes a good hunter.
While you master my voice and gestures,
I master your nothing.
You said “Close your eyes”.
I did.
When I opened them
I found myself 7000 miles away,
and high,
above Greenland,
still fastened and frightened
from the thought that you are my hunter,
but hungry with someone else.
I beat my wings,
I heard you sing:
“Horses, horses, horses…”
My Boing airplane
dwindles in size
until it looks hardly any bigger
than a white crow,
before eventually it disappears
between the clouds,
further and furhter from hunters and horses…
Bushes of roses
are breathing out
in the rain,
a candle of the sunset
makes me warm
inside December in San Francisco –
unfastened and unaccompanied
I am and California
However, now
the Golden Gate Bridge
sings “Horses, horses, horses…”.