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We had some lovely news from 🇧🇷San Paolo today!
The film by Sara Maino “Marine Elegy” has been shortlisted for the Festival Rnab (Revelando Novos Atores Brasileiros – 2022). The film has already had an interesting journey at Mani Lit Fest in Greece and at IINFF İstanbul International Nartugan Film Festival in Turkey.
“Marine Elegy” is a farewell. A new beginning. A poetic journey. A woman walks the dog on a solitary beach on la Mer du Nord. Inspired by Maya Deren and Konrad Lorenz.
Festival Rnab, “Revelando Novos Atores Brasileiros”, is an international festival with monologues, short films, video clips and trailers for films and documentaries. An IMDb ranking event with screenings of national and international short films of all genres with the best actor and actress award for Brazilian actors.
You can watch the film on Sara’s Vimeo channel: