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Again, I have my midnight musings,
Can’t sleep, I’m circulating, darling –
The gift of having you, intensely
For only seven months…
l’m learning
To navigate the pain
Together and apart.
Together and apart.
This unpredicted journey, so often
People, including me, don’t care
Until they see the sunrise at risk –
But this time, on my path with you,
I’m ready-
The precious gift of loving you
And being loved by you
Just is.
Not a given. Not a right. Not something
That I earned.
A sheer gift. I recognise it.
I immerse
Myself in it, devotedly.
The truth is named,
The truth that you are beautiful,
Put in my hands in Rome,
The truth that we have power in the world,
Together, enormously.
You and I –
We see us in the loving
Respectful mirror
That we are holding to each other.
The true self is growing in a relationship of confidence,
Where no false self is needed to act.
The future was looking very different
For both of us.
The key to all is love.
I love the fact – we both noticed it
And that we chose it.
To Love.
I love that we have chosen to love.

Drawing “Il killer che sabota l’ordine del mondo. Io credo che questo non ti piacerà”, 29×21, palo santo, pen Sara Maino 2021