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The white of innocence,
Of canals for eternity,
The white of swans,
Of swearing fidelity,
The white of love to you,
My Birdperson,
The white of sea foam
Is folding with its snow wings
Around my dirty shoes,
Running along the Mer du Nord –
A bold and rigid tutu
Of the sea waves
Discretely ornamented
With feathers.
You call this white – the emptiness!
The white to underline the femininity
Of shimmering…
The power of the white, of selfless love
Is capable of breaking
The waves, misgivings – all the dark.
The white appears in the guise
Of flapping seagulls
And my eyelashes
Into a final crescendo.

Painting “lo a volte so, il vuoto dove nascono le cose”, charcoal, acrylic, pen, words, 48×33, Sara Maino, 2021