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Two 5-year olds
Seen from the back,
Throwing sand fervidly
Into the window glass.
Two girls
Choose sand grains to say
Something I can’t comprehend.
They wear yellow pareos,
With a white floral print.
Their hair is tied back.
Both in sharp contrast
Against the light sand
They sit in.
Dreamers who never give in,
Who never wake up.
I ask:
“Why do you throw sand
Into my grandma’s edifice?”,
The voice from the back says:
“Nothing will happen,
Sit still,
Cтекло comes from between
the sea and the land –
From the sand –
Pождается из песка,
dalla sabbia, du sable, uit zand…”

Painting “La frustrazione del giallo” by Sara Maino, 22-7-21