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For the #KnowHate campaign 2019, Bart Dewolf, The Creator Of Existential Scrap Metal Installations, has prepared the installation called “F**kushima”. The scrap metal installation is a reflexion on fake truth on social media and Bart’s interpretation of hate as a tool used by powers ignorant to the continuation of (human)species, in order to gain/maintain more power and profit!

The installation and the production drawings of Bart Dewolf are surrealistic interpretations that combine unexpected items which he uses as technic to evoke new meanings. This is done by assembling in a primitive way and reusing discarded items, second-hand “stuff” (of all origins) and objects trouvé. The patina is real, because the objects and their history are real, the set up is mostly cartoonish.
By carefully using welding technics, rusted bolts, pieces of rusty iron wire and reclaimed pieces of shoelace, through existing holes in and with minor adaptations of the objects Bart manipulates the original shapes and preserves an authentic feeling.