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From the Portrait Hall of memory-
I reach the Amber Room – Venezia –
Beige and automnal
In October
Of twenty twenty two.
Or the Winter Canal
To Hermitage –
Glues my mournful eye.
A glimpse into the good and known –
The Brodsky’s ballet on the water,
Remembering la neige –
Mой снег!
A Northern northerner
He was – I am!
An image of the winged horses
And flying sleds
The cradle-like gondolas,
The gondoliers – the praying warriors
Paddle so sharp, so hard, so stark.
The gloom of Venice made me think of
Of Leningrad,
and feel more Russian than I am!
Onegin’s Letter to Tatiana
All of a sudden
Became an atavism:
“All is decided: I’m in your will”.
Sit on a bench,
Immerse in “milk of dreams” –
The merry bustle – La Biennale-
Amidst the war,
The harvest time –
Pray earnestly,
Think fine …

Drawing “The praying warrior’ by Sara Maino, October 2022