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The Big Bang, the European festival of music for young people and adventurous spectators aged 0-12 years old, takes place in Brussels on 6 November 2022.

The Festival aims to entirely improve the quality of music for children in Europe through exploration and adventure. Children and their parents get to know portraits of renowned composers and kinds of music, learn more about poetry – older and contemporary – but also sound art. Productions are based on all the kinds of sound art, as well as on the creative use of objects, which were not originally designed as musical instruments.

‘Molenbeek ça sonne!’ is a series of sound ecological workshops by Sara Maino, educator and multimedia artist, which will take place in Brussels at ‘Maison des Cultures et de la Cohésion Sociale de Molenbeek’ during the autumn school holiday, 31 October – 4 November.

Children will work with the sounds of Molenbeek. They will learn how to recognize the sounds and noises of the urban landscape. They will make sound recordings, which they will study in detail. A part of the training will be devoted to creative and visual-illustrative work around sound. Lastly, there will be a collaborative work with Duo Seco’ to see how the sounds can be integrated into the musical ensemble to be presented to the broader audience on the 6th November on the stage of Bozar.

The festival is a production by Zonzo Compagnie in coproduction with BOZAR – with the support of Klara, VRT, Vlieg, Flanders, Engie Foundation and the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

Learn more about acoustic ecologic workshops of Sara Maino.