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To Isa


“Someday it will become as necessary for us to fly
as it is now to walk and swim”, said Tatlin,
the Russian avant-garde artist who crafted gliders,
which resembled the bird studies
of Leonardo da Vinci…
I grope with my eye the details, planes and textures
of the walls of my bedroom,
6 months – at a forced “distance” from art and people:
I suddenly don’t need glasses!
The eye pierces the wall cracks,
seeps through the window canvas,
strains naturally after the light…
The interior of my bedroom is a hymn
to collective imagination,
an ode to a fluid space!
Each step of my eye to the side
reveals a new form!
This motionless journey
lasting 6 months, free of geography
creates currents of magic,
curtains of actions,
what I feel with my pupil,
mastering the magicometry of the interior,
Stravinsky would easily put
into a partitur,
Serge Lifar – into ballet manoeuvres… –
the liberation from the non-details
of the previous world!
Overcoming the surface!
Reliving the old universe
every millimeter of the solid
opens kilometers of the soft!
The eye freezes,
struck by the symphony of complete…
You experienced this in your childhood by the sea:
when you walked on the beach
and every glass piece was a miracle.
Concentration that helped artists in great times
out of air
form masterpieces.
The speed of history
is determined by the speed of information
The Renaissance inventions were spreading through Europe
for hundreds of years
– this was the speed with which people translated, printed and read.
In the era of digits, history is a tornado,
in seconds it’s written over the planet.
People and fish gasp for air to stay on these 5D waves –
the speed of knowledge dissemination is not equal
to the ability of humans to perceive it.
It has become as necessary for us to fly
as it was time ago to swim and walk…