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August 9, 2020

The pandemic months (April – July 2020) were busy here. Our ‘conversation with symphonism through drawings’ with Bart Dewolf has had its first tangible results.

  1. A full storyboard has been developed.
    -You can see the first version which was quite detailed and precise.

You can also see the final storyboard, which traces the narrative with all the latest changes in order to achieve our goal – to sustain the sonata-allegro form and rhythm of the poetry piece in the medium of a drawing.

The advantages of developing a storyboard in several stages were:

– Planning and refining the poems’s narrative.
– Brainstorming on how to better express features of symphonism in the visual representation of the poem.
– Improving communication across team members (poet, artist and cinematographer) through visualisation.
– Defining key technical parameters such as camera angles, rhythms and movements.

2. 20 full-size canvases are sketched in pencil and ready to be finalised in ink and acryl.
Watch them in our short video.

! The analysis of the research process will be published soon.


A few photos from behind the scenes: