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Yesterday, at the ‘Mirrors of Time’ art exhibition at the magic Castle of Oud-Rekem, constructed by the noble family of d’Aspremont Lynden, Counts of Rekem, in the early 17th century, in the style of the Maasland Renaissance.

Observed how artists framed times and humanity in all its fragility. Even more important, enjoyed sensing time perfectly archived in the materiality of the castle.

Was amazed by the works of SLAMMER – a strong blend of medical precision, craftsmanship and high aesthetic quality in one animation piece.

However, the work that touched me was outside the main selection – a Tarkovskian room with the TV on, broadcasting a video with a boy, in all his seriousness, eating ice-cream, while a storm of classical music was filling the empty cold interior from somewhere on the background…Thank you, JACQUELINE DE SOUZA.

On the other hand, couldn’t get rid of thoughts on incoherence of existence when seeing some of the pieces, the works that presented “nothing personal, only art”…