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Teachers at the Summer 2016 Icon Weekend Courses, which will be held every weekend from July 2, 2016 till August 21, 2016, at ICON Brussels, are sure to fulfill the learning center’s mission: to introduce workshop participants to the wonderful world of technological advances and artistic development.

“With workshop attendees from all segments of the artistic and technological industries, and phases of life and career, we are challenged each year to develop a lineup of educators whose stories and messages will resonate with all,” says the founder of ‘ICON Brussels’ Ken Christiaens. “This summer season, we have a great combination of teachers and topics that I know will be both entertaining and memorable.”

Teachers and Disciplines of the Summer 2016 Icon Weekend Courses include:

2/3 JULY – Adobe Premiere: Rhythmic Editing with Karel De Cock.

Karel De Cock is a Belgian filmmaker & visual artist. His work focuses on public spaces in large cities and has an observational approach. His credits on other films include: Shadow World (2016, Johan Grimonprez), Our City (2015, Maria Tarantino), The Dark Galleries (2014, Nicolas Provost), Sculptures in Film (2016, Steven Jacobs), Incidents in the Museum (2014 Steven Jacobs).

9/10 JULY – Virtual Reality with Fabien Benetou.

Fabien Benetou is a dedicated IT-specialist with an appetite for new technologies and the creative and academic processes involved in the developmental stage of these emerging techniques. Bachelor Cognitive Science (Universtité de Technologie de Compiègne, FR).
Master Innovative Project Management (UCT, FR).
Software Engineer.

16/17 JULY – Ableton: Electronic Music Composition with Pascal Oorts.

Pascal Oorts is an autodidact, musician and a musical multitasker. He started his career with the reknowned Belgian rockband Mintzkov, playing keyboards and releasing several albums. Meanwhile, he’s also a ‘full time dance floor destroyer’ at electronic duo Part Time Punks, music producer and occasional teacher.

23/24 – After FX: Motion Graphic technique with Greg McGrew.

Greg McGrew is a video artist working on video installations and video projects integrating different technics such as compositing, Master in Audiovisual Arts, ENS des Beaux-Arts, Paris.
Video-artist/Director at Pez-corp.

30/31 – Indesign: Layout for Booklets & Flyers with Karel De Cock.

6/7 – Creative Film/Videomaking with Ken Christiaens.

Ken Christaiens is a Belgian art educator, music/sounddesigner and audio/visual engineer, working mainly in Brussels. Master in Audiovisual Arts (film), RITCS.
Post-graduate Soundengineering/Music Production, Utrecht.
Founder Icon-Brussels, AV-artist, teacher.

13/14 – 3D Print: Creating your own Design with Pieter Coussement, PhD.

Pieter Coussement is a passionate new media educator specializing in interactive systems. Bachelor in Applied Arts – Multi Media Arts (KASK Ghent)
Masters in Applied Arts – Mixed Media (KASK Ghent)
Teaching Degree (Mercator University Ghent)
PHD in Audiovisual Art (Ugent)

20/21 – Arduino: building an IoT-lamp with Hugo Herter.

Hugo Herter has set himself the goal to make technology more approachable for everybody. While he was studying bio-informatics and AI, he spent his weekends and holidays having fun teaching science and technology to kids, teenagers and adults. Master in Bio-informatics and Modelling, ULB. Master Student in Artificial Intelligence, KU Leuven. Software Engineer.

A unique ICON Summer 2016 Workshop Lineup requires unique participants! Fast and easy online subscription is available HERE.

ICON Brussels Summer Weekend Course Teachers

ICON Brussels Summer Weekend Course Teachers